This has to be one of my favourite photography exhibitions to see in London and this year's selection of portraits seemed to have a real personal flavour to them. Most of the portraits which really stood out to me where the ones where the photographer had some deeper connection with their subjects: parents, children, friends. These, for me, felt the most powerful...

My favourite photograph was Lawrence Cartwright's Dog and Boy. Harsh, high in the sky sun doesn't usually throw out the best light for photography but in this case it totally worked.

There's something really magical that happens if you're lucky enough to have a dog when you're young . It's different to the master/pet relationship, it's a kind of friendship. Seeing this boy imitating the dog's pose was an indication of their close bond. According to the photographer though, this portrait of his son shows him playing with a dog he met whilst they were holidaying in Spain. I bet they had great fun together. Love this photo.

The winning photo, Konrad Lars Hastings Titlow by David Titlow, also featured a dog and child. It was captured the morning after a large midsummer party in Rataryd, Sweden and shows his baby son being introduced to a dog. He says: ‘everyone was a bit hazy from the previous day′s excess – my girlfriend passed our son to the subdued revellers on the sofa – the composition and back light was so perfect that I had to capture the moment’. There's a great flow to this photo and with the sliver of sunlight creeping through the window, you could almost mistake it for a paining. 

Seeing the Taylor Wessing Exhibiton, always takes me back to my days before I worked as a professional photographer, the days when I was merely assisting, learning and dreaming big. The competition celebrates and promotes the very best in contemporary portrait photography and is open to photographers over 18 from all over the world.

It's your last chance to see the 2014 exhibition. Entry costs a mere £3 and you've got until Sunday to get yourself down to the National Portrait Gallery to see it.  If you haven't seen it yet, I'd highly recommend it. The mix of colours, compositions and stories is so inspiring, it's a must see for any budding photographer. Get yourself down there before it's too late!

What's your favourite photo exhibition in London at the moment? Tell us in the comments below. 

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