Once I started learning about photography, I wanted to eat, sleep and breathe it. I wanted to be amazing overnight. I'm an impatient person by nature. I was the little girl hiding behind my bed opening all the doors to my advent calendar because the slow trickle of daily chocolate drove me crazy. I needed it all right away.

When I decided to embark on my photography career, I was a full-time teacher. There just weren't enough hours in the day to achieve all I wanted to. Apparently the average commute for Londoners is around one hour. To me, my daily commute felt like dead time. Wasted time. Two hours each day when I wasn't either A) earning money or B) taking photos.  How could I make better use of this time?

We're so lucky that we live in an age where thousands and thousands of people are willing and able to help you learn stuff for free. The internet is an amazing platform and I soon discovered that listening to podcasts was the perfect way to make the most of my daily commute. Just download them to your ipod or smart device, grab your headphones and away you go.

There's so many great podcasts out there on all manner of subjects, but here's a few of my favourites:

1. The Candid Frame

An intimate interview show hosted by Ibarionex Perello that features conversations about photography and creativity with some of the world’s best established and emerging photographers. There's a podcast on gesture that I've had bookmarked to listen to for a few days now. Really looking forward to tuning in to that one.

Hosted by Scott Wittenburg, this podcast offer tips on camera settings, lenses, composition, exposure, tricky shooting situations and step-by-step Photoshop tutorials. Subscribers can submit questions.

3. Thoughts on Photography

With his dulcet tones, Paul Giguere offers a philosophical approach, exploring what it means to live a photographic life. This one hasn't been updated for a while, but there is still plenty for you to tuck in to. 

Lightroom tutorials, time-saving shortcuts, photographic inspiration and tricks from Matt Kloskowski. You’ll find plenty of useful tips and techniques in this podcast.

5. TED

Although this isn't necessarily photography-specific, this inspiring podcast gives you the chance to sit back and hear the thoughts of geniuses. There are plenty of photography-related talks here, James Nachtwey’s Searing Photos of War is particularly worth a listen.

How do you like to learn and improve your photography skills? Do you have a recommendation to share? Let me know in the comments below:

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